about US

At NeuroCrunch our mission is to empower our users by enabling them to foster stronger connections with the people that they connect with. We do this by providing a free, mobile application that lets users input and retrieve the unique, personal information about those that they INTERACT WITH.



"This is a very well conceived and developed app. It is a must have for anyone that wants a tool to help strengthen their relationships with their clients, colleagues and friends."  


"Love the app. Easy to use. I don't like typing so the voice recognition is a huge plus."


"Great app that makes busy professionals look smarter than we actually are."


BigHippo, designed and developed by NeuroCrunch, lets you REMEMBER EVERYTHING ABOUT PEOPLE. Take notes on meetings with clients, friends, and associates, and save quick-access information about their personal lives right on your phone. Improve both business and personal relationships, and jog your memory right before meetings. Offering four tabs and search to quick filter through the contacts already on your phone and advanced note tagging capability to easy find the contact and information you’re looking for, getting the information you need has never been so easy.

BigHippo is available as a free download from the Google Play store.